URBAN FAKIR FILMS is an independent multimedia production company founded by Akash Dixit & Aish.

What do we do? We apply passion to stories that touch our hearts, widen our eyes and make us get up at the middle of the night to discuss and write. We create content that exuberates our passion for film-making. We are no Spielberg or Gurudutt. We are professional and driven youngsters who left a well-paying job in a media giant to make a travel documentary. Yes, we are the kinds Steve Jobs mentioned when he said, “Crazy!”

What can we make for you? Films about your triumphs and origins. A film about that one-in-a-lifetime event like weddings, child birth, your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. We can make films about the founder of a company. Corporate Films to explain your product or service for clients, conference or investments. Our film work encompass  company chronicles, individual adventures, institutional histories, business sagas, product recital, advertisements, promotionals, or even a surprise short film to propose the person you love! We make films that are intended to serve the purpose you propose.